Buy TikTok Followers

You’ve probably heard that people buy TikTok followers to enhance their popularity on this video-sharing app. Maybe you’ve even come across sites that claim to sell genuine TikTok followers. Whether you want to build a brand, a business, or an influencer platform, what matters the most is authority.

Your TikTok account will have more engagements if it has a large number of genuine followers. And that is the best way your brand will gain authority on this platform. However, getting more followers on this highly competitive platform is not easy. That’s why some people opt to buy followers.

Should You Buy TikTok Followers?

With so many people buying followers on TikTok to enhance the popularity of their brand, it’s not easy to ignore the temptation to do the same. But, is buying TikTok followers a wise move?

Well, TikTok is currently the fastest-growing social network globally. It’s also among the best platforms for growing a fan base. This can be attributed to the fact that standing out on other social media platforms is almost impossible due to their restrictive algorithms.

But, TikTok will also come up with algorithms that might also be restrictive to users. That means people that purchase TikTok followers might also face penalties later. This is one of the reasons why you shouldn’t purchase TikTok followers.

Why TikTok Followers Matter

Social media is largely about establishing social proof and authority. In marketing, social proof is defined as a conceptualization whose focus is on how authority around a service or a product is built. This enables a brand to earn trust from consumers while generating the desire to purchase a product or a service. It also prompts consumers to make a lifestyle change.

A great way to establish social proof is by using crowd wisdom. When more people actively endorse or use a product, more consumers are influenced to use it. Conceptualization explains why engagement is important. Having more followers on social media platforms like TikTok means you can influence them to comment or share your posts. This will increase brand awareness and prompt more users to use your product.

It’s not surprising that advertisers, brands, influencers, and marketing companies are striving to get more followers on TikTok. But, you should not buy TikTok followers to gain authority and expand your audience. Instead, you should use organic methods to get more followers.

Reasons Not to Buy Followers on TikTok

Apart from the risk of having your account banned, there are other reasons why you should not purchase TikTok followers.

They include the following:


  • Bought followers can be fake: You have come across many websites that purport to sell TikTok followers. But, how can you be sure that the sold followers are genuine? Well, most people are disappointed by realizing that they bought fake followers and fake followers can’t help your brand. You will just have more followers that won’t comment, share, or like your posts.


  • Engagement matters: As stated, social media networks are largely about socializing. Brands, marketers, and influencers use social networks to interact with their target markets. These are people that find them online organically. When you buy followers, you get people that are not necessarily interested in your products, brand, or services. These are just accounts or numbers that may have been generated using bots. As such, you won’t get the engagement that you want from bought followers. Essentially, it’s better to have fewer followers who generate meaningful dialogue than have more followers without engagement.


  • Authenticity matters: Most people are used to overtly edited, shamelessly sponsored and curated content on social media. As such, they look for something authentic and genuine. Your account or brand will raise eyebrows when people realize that your followers have increased overnight. And this will affect your authenticity. When you buy followers on TikTok, they must look authentic and engage with you like normal users. If not careful, some people will stop following you on TikTok.


  • Your account can be banned: TikTok’s community guidelines are against spam. Any activity or content that increases followers or manipulates the mechanisms of this platform is prohibited. Essentially, TikTok does not like fake accounts or followers that do not engage. Consequently, this video-sharing app is blocking accounts that have bought followers that do not engage. If your TikTok account gets more followers with engagement that do not correlate, you can get your account banned or content not shown to most users.


  • You can waste your money: When you buy TikTok followers, you do not get actual information about your brand and account. That’s because bought followers are not interested in your products, services, and brand. That means they may not even know much about what you’re offering. Consequently, the information they provide might not benefit your brand in any way.

The best approach is to grow your TikTok organically instead of buying fake followers. Even if a website purports to sell genuine TikTok followers, they might not be 100% interested in interacting with you or engaging with your brand.

The Best Way to Get More TikTok Followers

Bought TikTok followers won’t engage with you. As such, they are mostly worthless. So, instead of buying followers, use tested and proven methods to get more followers. One such method is using our TikTok growth service.

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This is followed by research that enables us to narrow down your target audience. Our research also enables us to optimize your audience for maximum growth. After that, we engage with the target audience via continued social interactions. These interactions bring more organic followers and the growth of your account. We also measure results in terms of the new organic followers that your account gets.

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