Why you shouldn't buy TikTok followers


TikTok’s meteoric rise has propelled a lot of people from obscurity to stardom. As such, many people are looking for the means to attain similar levels of success. Whether for improved brand visibility or for purposes of promoting a business, TikTok is a platform that offers countless possibilities.


Endless Possibilities With TikTok

The online space is somewhat magical – anything can happen. The possibility of getting literal overnight fame is now only a few dollars away. Endless vendors have come up offering to supply followers, which also translates to likes and shares to boost your account stats. On average, $2 can get you about 100 fake followers and the promise of becoming a TikTok sensation without having to do any of the hard work – you know – giving your account the time it requires to grow.


More Followers or More Engagement?

Sounds easy enough, right? Shell out a few dollars and have ‘follower’ numbers that are enough to put a smile on anyone’s face. Who wouldn’t want nearly the same number of followers as their favorite internet celebrity? Question is – what’s more important, many followers or engaging followers?

For a lot of people, it doesn’t matter. But it should. The promise from the sellers of fake TikTok followers is alluring but there is certainly more than meets the eye, clicks, and likes. If some do it, why not you?


Why You Shouldn’t Buy TikTok Followers?

No matter what business or industry you are in, you will always want to gauge your reach and popularity by comparing social media numbers with other similar players. If you have to start from scratch, it quite easy to get depressed as you wonder how you will ever get to the level you want or to the level of a competitor.

The appeal of buying TikTok followers is quite hard to ignore in such a scenario. However, this cheap ‘solution’ can have potentially far-reaching and damaging consequences for you and for the account you’re trying to boost.

If your end goal is to boost your brand and business, buying TikTok followers does nothing for your engagement with users and does not have that direct boost that actual followers can have. With analytics being such an important metric of any business or marketing strategy today, any data from purchased followers is bound to be misleading.


  1. It Can Go South – Fast!

Fake accounts have an appearance that is becoming increasingly popular to point out, even in a sea of hundreds of comments. If it is that easy for a human eye, how much more efficient can the TikTok algorithms be? You can lose followers as easily as you gained them whenever TikTok does its routine sweep on their platform and shut down fake accounts. If that is not enough to dissuade you, TikTok can easily ban you completely because of purchasing fame as it were. You can go from 50 followers to 5,000 to no account very easily.


  1. Little to No Engagement

Increased engagement is a desired outcome of any marketing strategy. Whether you’re a business, personal brand, or a typical TikTok user, one of your desires (apart from being famous) is to have some sort of feedback on your product or content. Even negative feedback is great as long (as it is constructive) because it helps you know where some tweaking is necessary for better output.

Fake followers offer no engagement and you might as well not have them if you want to achieve a specific goal. As much as external perspective might improve, you are arguably right where you started.

For a business desiring a strong presence on TikTok, the reason has to be for sales and marketing. What’s the point if the bulk of your followers are fake accounts?


  1. A Tarnished Image

Repairing a tarnished reputation online is harder than building up your TikTok account organically from scratch. If people associate your account with fake followers, they will associate your brand or business with a lack of integrity. Internet detectives are bound to notice when there is an inexplicable increase in the number of followers. In the same way, accounts that have a huge number of followers and few comments on their posts are bound to raise suspicion.


  1. It Is Counter-Productive

The content that shows up on your TikTok feed might seem random at times, but chances are that you enjoy whatever content pops up next. This is because it is good content that people have viewed and enjoyed, so much so that they go ahead and give a like and leave a comment. As such, TikTok recommends it.

In a post shared on their newsroom page, TikTok gives a lot of insight on how recommendations work and why you see what you see on your feed. User preferences are taken into account and they help determine what comes up next. These user preferences are determined by interactions like following an account, liking, and commenting on a post.

TikTok has an engagement ratio [Followers vs Interaction] that determines whether TikTok shows your content to other users or not. Pumping your account full of fake followers damages this ratio and your content will not get recommended to anyone. This circles back to the followers vs engagement debate. What would you rather?

It truly is counter-productive. You will see those big follower numbers on your profile, but no one will get to see your content, no matter how good it is.


  1. Social Media Companies are Taking a Stand

Fake accounts and fake engagement are not just a TikTok problem. Most social media platforms have had to address the matter at some point. The people selling the TikTok followers and likes are likely to be offering the same for Facebook, Instagram, and others. Facebook went above and beyond shutting down fake accounts when they took legal action against 4 Chinese companies that were in the business.

This legal recourse might be the first of many, and all the social media giants may just come together to do something about it. Changes to the Terms Of Use (which people rarely read) on these platforms may soon make having fake followers a serious matter, and a lot of people may end up in trouble.


Opt for Real, Targeted, and Active TikTok Followers

Services that promise to increase your followers tenfold overnight without asking for a target audience are most definitely selling you fake accounts. It is real, targeted, and active users that you really want, with the promise of brand exposure, increased sales, and engagement that cements brand royalty and brings back return customers and audiences.

TikTok Downloads

Organic Growth is Better

The fact of the matter is that having a large number of TikTok followers is a great thing. However, one can argue that engagement and the actual gains (back-links, traffic, conversions, sales) are much more important numbers.

Increasing the number of TikTok followers you have without purchasing them is still an option. A few pointers to help you do this organically are:


  1. Know Your Audience

Learn the interests and mannerisms of your audience and curate your posts and products towards that preference. Knowing your audience helps you maximize the gains your audience is getting you, no matter how many followers you have.


  1. Direct Audience Interaction

Interacting directly with your audience makes them feel like part of the fold and builds loyalty. It also helps you get direct feedback from the people your product is for, helping you improve it significantly and produce exactly what your audience wants.


  1. Partnerships

Find a person, brand, or service that shares your vision and ideas and find ways to partner with them. This way, both brands are exposed to even wider audiences.


  1. Use a Service like Social Missile

Want to do the above three in one go? Services that guarantee organic growth are exactly what you need to get the best out of TikTok!

Growing your TikTok account involves attracting the right audience to and for your content. The diverse backgrounds of TikTok users mean that not everyone will appreciate what you put out. A TikTok growth service like Social Missile takes on the hassle of finding these real and active users that will connect with your stuff, helping your account improve the right way.

Knowing your target audience is still key, as data about them is important.

With this, your account plays to the TikTok algorithm’s guidelines and does not put you in the risk of getting punished for using underhand methods.


Ready, Set, Launch – With Social Missile

Social Missile partners with you to achieve organic growth that you can be proud of. It is such a rewarding feeling seeing something you’ve had a hand in succeed, and your involvement in laying the foundation for the growth of your TikTok account is vital.

We believe in trusting the process and having a clear-cut plan – we are good at what we do. There is no need to risk buying TikTok followers with the results that we promise. For liftoff, click here to start with a 7-day trial!





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